Ankara Niğde Motorway

The Ankara-Niğde Motorway is the unfinished section of the Trans-European Motorway (TEM) Highway, which also includes the Şanlıurfa-Habur section planned to be constructed in the future, starting from Edirne, passing through Istanbul, following Bolu, Ankara and Pozanti to reach Adana and Gaziantep and ending at Şanlıurfa.

After a competitive bidding procedure on 14 April 2017 ERG Otoyol Yatırım ve İşletme A.Ş. has been awarded the BOT type of Ankara – Niğde Motorway project with a concession peiod of 11 yeras 10 months and 17 days including the 3 year investment period with a total investment cost of 4,031,055,531 Turkish Liras (1,033,603,982 Euros).

The Ankara – Niğde Motorway Project consists of 3 main sections :

Part Name Length (km)
Main Route Connection Roads Total
1 Ankara Gölbaşı – Acıkuyu Intersection 105,41 12,20 117,61
2 Acıkuyu Intersection – Alayhan Intersection 112,75 34,46 147,21
3 Alayhan Intersection – Gölcük Intersection 56,72 2,23 58,95
Proje Route 274,88 48,89 323,77


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