Antalya Airport
The construction of airport includes 3.400 x 45 x 0,40 m. concrete pavement, 100.000 m3 apron and 3 taxiroutes of airport. There was approximately 1.000.000 m3 earth moving and filling was 85 percent of it which includes the layers of; minimum 0,35 m. granular filling layer, 0,55 m. subbase and 0,15 m. base. Filling material has carried from the quarries 16-20 km far from the site.

In the construction, three CAT 955, two D-8, two vibrating cylinder, two earth grader (No.12 and No.14), one scraper and twentyeight dumptruck were used and complete filling was finished in one construction season.

For concrete paving, a concrete plant of 100 m3/h, a spreader-finisher of 1.200 m3/day, three concrete joint cutter and three joint filler were used in addition to the other equipment.

The main features of successfully completed Antalya Airport construction is as follows:
1. The Owner Ministry of Public Works, General Directorate for
Construction of Airports and Oil Supply Facilities
2. Date of bid award 23 January, 1973
3. Date of completion 15 May, 1977
4. Main work items  
  a. Runway 3.400 m x 45 m x 0,40 m
  b. Apron  450 m x 225 m x 0,40 m
  c. Taxi route no. I 168 m x 22,5 m x 0,40 m
  d. Taxi route no. II 281,5 m x 22,5 m x 0,40 m
  e. Taxi route no. III 68 m x 22,5 m x 0,40 m
  f. Access and service Roads approx. 50 km
5. Quantities of main works performed
  a. Total earth moving 1.500.000 m2
  b. Total concrete works 300.000 m2
  c. Cement used 50.000 ton
  d. Fencing approx. 10 km