Artvin - Deriner Dam and HEPP
Deriner Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant is located at Artvin province on Çoruh River and the type is double curvature concrete arch dam.

The height of the dam is 253 meters and with this height, the dam is the highest in Turkey and third highest in the world. The scope of Deriner Dam and HEPP construction includes 40.000.000 m3 of rock excavation, 3.500.000 m3 of dam body concrete, diversion tunnel, underground powerhouse, overflow spillways, access roads and internal roads.
OWNER State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) - TURKEY
CONTRACTOR Deriner Consortium - Under the leadership of ERG
PLACE On çoruh river near Artvin province
PURPOSE Energy (670 MW, 2.117,75 GWh / year)
Type Double curvature concrete
Crest Elevation 397 m

from thalweg

202 m

from foundation

253 m
Crest Width 12,00 – 18,00 m
Foundation width 55,00 m
Body concrete 3.500.000 m3
Diversion tunnel 898,14 m
Diversion capacity 1.804 m3/s
Spillway type Üstten Aşmalı 2 ea.
  Orifis 8 ea.
Overflow spillway capacity 2.250 m3/s
Orifice spillway capacity 7.000 m3/s
Maximum water elevation 395 m
Total reservoir volume 1.969 x 106 m3
Powerhouse Right bank
Type Underground
Number of units 4
Installed capacity 4 x 167,5 MW (670 MW)
Total energy 2.117,75 GWh