Artvin State Highway Construction
With the protocol between General Directorate of Highways and General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works in relation to the re-construction of the affected roads in the Çoruh River Basin occasioned by dam construction, the 22.80 km. of relocation road on the Artvin – Ardahan State Highway have built by us, starting in January of 1998 and accomplished in October 2000 and on 30.07.2003 in the final acceptance has been completed and assigned to the General Directorate of Highways.

Again on 24/01/2005, with the confirmation of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the 36 km. part of the Artvin – Erzurum, Artvin – Ardahan and Artvin – Ardanuç main roads, appended to the context of Deriner Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Construction and in this regard, the projects was prepared and approximately 2.381.000m3 open and 247.993,29 m3 tunnel excavations were performed by ERG.