Atatürk (Yeşilköy) Airport
Brief informations concerning the Istanbul-Atatürk Airport (former name Yeşilköy) construction:
1. The Owner Ministry of Public Works, General Directorate for Construction of Airports and Oil Supply Facilities
2. Date of bid award 19 January, 1977
3. Date of completion 15 June, 1980
4. Main work items  
  a. Runway 2.300mx 60m x0,35 m
  b. Cargo apron 150 m x 100 m x 0,35 m
  c. Taxiways and connections 1.500 m x 22,50 m x 0,35 m
  d. Ducts for electric cables 10.000 m
  e. Drainage system The whole area
5. Quantities of main works
  a. Total earth moving 1.000.000 m3
  b. Total concrete works 235.000 m2
  c. Asphalt pavement 9.850 ton 
  d. Cement used 30.000 ton
  e. Lean concrete 24.500 m3

The project involved 2,50 m selected borrow fill, 90 cm thick crushed stone as sub-base and base material and 35 cm of Concrete pavement. Quarry materials were brought form quarries 25 km far to site and crushed at size through a crushing plant, designed and manufactured by ERG. A 100 m3/h capacity batching and mixing plant, also manufacture of ERG, was used for concrete works. Aggregate for concrete was produced through the crushing-screening and washing plants, manufactured by ERG, and sea sand was used. Similar earth moving machinery and equipment, spreader-finisher, joint cutters and joint fillers used at Antalya Airport were also utilized at Yeşilköy.