Çatalan Dam and HEPP
Çatalan Dam and Hydro Electric Power Plant is located on Seyhan River at about 1 km. downstream of Çatalan Town. It is being constructed for power generation, irrigation and for flood control with an installed capacity of 3 x 65 MW power generation. The dam is of gravity fill type with a volume of 17,5 x 106 m3 earth filling, and the spillway is located on right side of the dam. Crest length and width are 894 m and 12 m respectively. The crest is 130 m in elevation and height of the dam from the foundation is 82 m. There are 2 diversion tunnels located on left side with dimensions of 8,50 m in diameter and 1.777,34 m in length. The annual total power generation of the dam is about 570,10 Gwh.