Karakoçan (Kalecik) Dam
The Karakoçan dam have been constructed for DSİ in Karakoçan district of Elazığ province including the manufacturing of penstock, valves, gates and other installations.

Purpose Irrigation
Dam Type Earthfill
Dam Height 34 m
Crest Length 442 m
Volume of Body 1.037.000 m3
Length of Penstock 345 m
Penstock Diameter 2,50 m
Geologic Formm Aglomera
Volume of Reservoir 12.500.000 m3
Volume of Irrigation 1.200 H

The river had been taken to a conduit and after construction, penstock had been placed to the same conduit. 28.000 m3 rock excavation had been done for the construction of spillway. The main body of dam consists of 1.400.000 m3 earth fill.

Cross-section and general situation of the dam is given which consist of various layers. In the cross-section, impervious clay core, semi-impervious layers at both sides of core, followed by pervious shells, stability fill, filter fill and filling for losses can be observed with different colours. On the general layout plan, one can see the places of dam, penstock, irrigation pipes, reservoir and spillway.