Sivas - Kangal Thermal Power Plant

The Sivas-Kangal Thermal Power Plant is constructed at 25 km from Kangal Town of Sivas and 2 km from lignite coal mines. The Power Plant has been planned to have an installed capacity of 2 x 150 MW at the initial stage and to be extended later to 4 x 150 MW.

"The construction of Coal Preparation, Transportation and Ash Disposal" works has been undertaken on turnkey basis together with the partners. The work covers 11.000 tons of fabrication of steel constructions and machines together with their transportation, inland transportation of imported materials and equipments, assembling of all 16.000 tons of materials imported or locally fabricated and all civil construction works.

Within the scope of local fabrications are included the total of 12 transfer towers and 50% of 7 mobile equipments consisting of 5 "reclaimers-stackers", 1 stacker and 1 "tripper car". In addition (2x3.500 m) 7.000 m of conveyor line is also included in this scope. 1.900.000 m3 rock excavation 500.000 m3 fill, 49.000 m3 concrete, 2.600 tons of steel and 450.000 m3 crushed stone are included within the scope of civil constructions. Total of the works were completed at the end of 1989.